We specialise in providing a highly tailored and individual service to corporate and private clients in the formation and administration of trusts, companies and limited partnerships. We are able to form such entities in all principal offshore jurisdictions, and thereafter to provide for their management or administration. Most of the trusts we accept are formed under the proper law of Jersey, Guernsey or England. We also provide personal trustee and protectorship services.

It is not possible to detail all of the legitimate uses of offshore structures. The following is a sample of the key areas where such entities may assist:

  • the deferral and/or mitigation of duties, taxes and other impositions;
  • the avoidance of probation in relation to international estates;
  • the management of forced heirship issues;
  • the provision of employee benefits;
  • the provision of pension and deferred compensation arrangements;
  • the provision of an independent trustee to represent the interests of a class of persons, such as a group of bondholders;
  • the consolidation of a portfolio of international assets or different asset classes, for ease of administration;
  • the provision of a mechanism for the devolution of absolute interests in assets to future generations;
  • the preservation of legitimate anonymity in acceptable circumstances;
  • the administration and management of private and commercial boats, yachts, aircraft and similar assets;
  • the protection of assets from seizure or sequestration by governments or military forces.

There are many more uses of offshore structures. We are always pleased to discuss opportunities on a confidential basis with prospective clients or their professional advisors.